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Our intention is not to earn, but create art with great joy and imagination. We create our art so you can both be marvel and experience how we combine colors and motifs. We want to arouse your curiosity and imagination. Our art is not subject to one particular genre. We create images from what our feeling at the moment and the image evolves as we work with it. All our images are original there are no copies of the same painting.

Anders Bagge Rasmussen

In our work we are using different material. We use canvas, cardboard and other items. Mainly we use acrylic, oil, ink and pencil. The material used for making the sculpture is plaster, cardboard or wood.

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Labara Gallery shows mainly modern expressionistic art, both abstract and more figurative. Paintings, graphics and sculptures are represented.

Labara Gallery is an online art gallery

Labara Gallery is an online art gallery only with original art done by the painters Lars Bagge Møller and Anders Bagge Rasmussen. We look at our self as modern artists and we do our artwork and painting in a minimalist art way but still we do painting with a twist. We use materials like canvas, paper, carton and more. Our sculpture is made of wood, carton and plaster.Products at Labara Gallery

When you are looking for interior design ideas remember to look for paintings. It could be abstract art in a Scandinavian design. Art work like acrylic paint or oil painting? You can consider a sculpture for your home design ideas. Products at Labara Gallery

Labara Gallery link to modern paintings and timeline in art.

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We do paintings like abstract painting and use oil paintings, acrylic paints and pencil art. All our original art is for sale for affordable prices. Our art is a perfect match for living room design. Welcome on board!
Products at Labara Gallery

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Products at Labara Gallery